Did you know that calcium is the fifth chemical element in order of abundance in our body?

Did you know that calcium is the fifth chemical element in order of abundance in our body?

Calcium constitutes 2 % of body weight and 40% of the total mineral content. Calcium is a mineral that plays a very important role in our organism. It is the essence of our bones and teeth and thanks to it the health of our skeletal system is in top condition.
However for our body to properly absorb calcium is necessary the presence of Vitamin D, which is involved in bone mineralization.

Calcium is the mineral more abundantly present in our body and is essential for the formation of our skeleton. So we always give more importance to it during childhood and adolescence as this is when you need more calcium in the bones due to growth.

Additionaly during pregnancy and breastfeeding is very important to consume foods rich in calcium so, to compensate the losses of this mineral in our body we need to significantly increase the amount of calcium we ingest. Consider that your body only absorbs between 20 and 40% of ingested calcium.


Where is calcium found.

The main source of calcium is found in milk and dairy products, also we can obtain it from those fish which we can eat their bones like sardines or anchovies.

The green leafy vegetables are also a source of calcium as well as vegetable oil, legumes and some nuts as peanuts or walnuts.

However, seaweeds are also an important source of calcium, especially the Lithothamnium Calcareum algae. Seaweeds are scientifically recognized as a food of high nutritional value.

Seaweeds are a very diverse group of plants that live attached to aquatic life ; in seawater is where all the elements necessary for its development are. Sunlight is the energy source.
The Lithothamnium Calcareum is a red seaweed belonging to the family of Corallinaceae which form resembles to coral. Particularly in Britain, it is found in sandy bottoms at a depth of about 30 meters, and grows very slowly ( about 1 mm per year) , a fact that gives to this seaweed time to filter and absorb large amounts of nutrients from the sea , especially calcium and magnesium that is able to retain because of their high porosity .



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