For lots of people the first thing they look for when they get up is their plant-based drink to go with their breakfast. And we’re certainly not wrong when we say that lovers of plant-based drinks are dying for a good oat drink.

Because there are lots of oat drinks, but… are they all the same? As of last November, you’ll find our Oat Drink with Calcium is even better. So how have we made it better? By putting more cereal in it, boosting it from 10% to 16%. So we make the oat drink with the highest percentage of oats in it. Brilliant, right?

Here at Amandín we’re always improving our products to offer the best quality at all times. Now it’s even easier for you to enjoy all the benefits of oats. You can have it hot or cold, drink it by itself or use it in a recipe. If you’d like to see some of the things you can use it for, we recommend you take a look at our recipe blog.