To make New Natural Oat Drink we’ve only used two ingredients: water and oats. And the result is a drink with an authentic, delicate, pleasant flavour.

For everybody who’s demanding about what goes into products and wants an oat drink with just water and oats, and nothing else. That’s why New Natural Oat Drink contains no oil and is made only from cereal. And as always without additives and with high-quality organic ingredients.

Enjoy this drink at any time of day and discover all the recipes you can make with it.

Ingredients: Water, Oatmeal (15%) *.
(*) Ecological ingredients.

Can trace traces of nuts.

Energy:176 kJ /
41 kcal
Fat:0,8 g
Of wich saturated:0,2 g
Carbohydrates:7,8 g
Of wich sugars:5,6 g
Fibre:<0,5 g
Protein:0,7 g
Salt:0,08 g

(**)% according to the reference intake of an average adult (8400KJ / 2000Kcal)

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