Exquisite onion soup and a delicious base for your recipes

A real classic of French cookery… from the brik to your plate. With all the flavour of onion fried slowly and a tasty base of vegetables, all of them organically-grown.

The breadcrumbs we’ve used to make our onion soup do NOT contain any gluten. It’s maize bread, so it’s suitable for coeliacs.

Amandín brings you onion soup ready to enjoy. Just heat it up and serve it in a dish or bowl, with a slice of bread and grated cheese on top, grilled for a few minutes. It’s also a tasty base for making all kinds of recipes. A base of onion for your stews, casseroles, rice dishes and more.

Amandín recommends a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Water, vegetables* (4,5%) (onion (2,9%), celery, leek, carrot), sunflower oil*, breadcrumbs* (gluten free), starch*, sea salt, acacia fibre*, rice flour* and spices*.

(*) Organic ingredients.

Even though ingredients in our onion soup include breadcrumbs, it’s gluten-free, so that the product can carry the “gluten-free” label from the Catalan Consumer Agency.

Energy value:35 kJ /
8 kcal
<0,5 g
Of which saturates:
<0,1 g
Carbohydrate:1 g
Of which sugars:<0,5 g
Fibre:0,6 g
Protein:<0,5 g
Salt:0,39 g

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