Organic Onion Soup

Exquisite onion soup and a delicious base for your recipes

A true classic of French cuisine… from the box to your table. With all the flavour of the onion, fried slowly, and a rich base of vegetables, all of them grown organically.

Amandín brings you a ready-to-enjoy onion soup. Just heat it up and serve it in a dish or bowl, with a slice of bread and grated cheese on top, and grill it for a few minutes. It’s also a great base for preparing recipes of all kinds. An onion base for your stews, casseroles, rice dishes and more…

Amandín recommends a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Water, onion* (4,5%), celery*, breadcrumbs*, starch*, sunflower oil*, leek*, carrot*, acacia fibre*, salt, rice flour* and spices*.

(*) Organic ingredients.

Even though ingredients in our onion soup include breadcrumbs, it’s gluten-free, so that the product can carry the “gluten-free” label from the Catalan Consumer Agency.

What is fibre and what does it give your body?

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