Organic Stew Stock

For healthy, natural eating

We’ve chosen natural organic ingredients to make Amandín Stew Stock, so that you can cook all kinds of recipes that require a good stock in an easy, practical and healthy way.

Amandín organic stocks are ideal for all the family to eat, and a pleasant way to look after yourself. They’re made with the finest organically-grown ingredients and are the ideal choice for people with any kind of allergy or food intolerance, as they contain no gluten, lactose or lactic proteins.

Amandín recommends a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Ingredients: Water, vegetables* (celery, onion, leek and carrot), tapioca starch*, corn maltodextrin*, sea salt, vegetable oil* (sunflower oil and olive oil), chicken meat* and beef* and cjicken fat* (0,15%), natural flavouring (contains egg), rice flour and starch*, beef extract*, spices* and yesast extract*.

The importance of hydration

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