If your kids are fans of our Rice Drink with Banana and Strawberry you’re sure to be pleased about this launch.

With this handy new 200 ml pack with a straw, the smallest members of the family can enjoy this delicious drink even more easily and conveniently. They can take it for playtime at school, or to recharge their batteries during their extracurricular activities – or wherever they like!

But don’t be fooled by the kid-friendly design: this Rice Drink with Banana and Strawberry is organic, sweetened with agave syrup, has no lactose or gluten and also has a low fat content.

Our range of drinks for kids continues to grow, and with this new addition there are now 4 drinks in this format for you to choose from: Rice with Cocoa, Tigernut Horchata, Oats with Calcium and of course the new arrival, Rice Drink with Banana and Strawberry.

Go along to specialist shops in your area and ask for it!