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Your brand of organic products

Amandín is the favourite brand for everybody who chooses a natural, balanced diet. Amandín products are made with selected organically-grown ingredients containing no lactose and in many cases they are also gluten-free.

Our experience and our constant concern to achieve excellence in every one of our products together with our desire to innovate day after day have enabled us to create a wide variety of healthy products: functional plant-based drinks, organic stocks, nut creams and more.

By using the latest technology in our production processes and thanks to the constant efforts of our R&D department, we work to develop new products to meet our consumers’ nutritional needs, paying special attention to people who suffer from any kind of food allergy or intolerance: gluten-free, lactose-free and so on.


At Costa Concentrados Levantinos we strive for excellence in all our production processes. This commitment to quality means we have to take maximum care over our processes, following strict quality criteria:

  • Satisfaction for our customers
  • Constant improvement in our processes
  • Caring for the environment
  • Food safety to ensure products are properly handled

Certificates BRC/IFS

This is why Costa Concentrados Levantinos has gained BRC and IFS certification recognising, at European level, that Amandín products meet food safety standards in manufacturing, packing and storage processes.

Certificado BRC Costa Concentrados Levantinos 2017

Certificado IFS Costa Concentrados Levantinos 2017

Kosher certificate

In 2013 Amandín organic creams and plant-based drinks gained Kosher certification for all products that meet the Biblical and Talmudic regulations of Jewish law. This involves quality control of foodstuffs according to Jewish rules, under the name of Kosher.

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Amandín recently made a commitment to the sustainable management of forests, for which reason all the packs of our products are certified by the FSC. This seal guarantees that all the cardboard used in our packs comes from forests that meet the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Vegan label

We have incorporated the certificate of vegetarian products in Amandín. In our new packaging you will find the European vegetarian label:

1. It facilitates the localization of products. It facilitates immediately that a product does not contain slaughter products.

2. An independent label, which is used on the products of various manufacturers, is more trustworthy for consumers than any company-label and at the same time it offers clarification about detailed-product information as well as answers regarding a vegetarian way of life.

Organic farming

Amandín products are made from organically-farmed ingredients and are certified by the Valencia organic farming committee CAECV, guaranteeing that both the producers and the ingredients used to make our products comply with the EC 2092/91 regulations.

The principles of organic farming:

  • Use of natural fertilisers
  • Working with seasonal cycles
  • Fostering crop rotation
  • Ensuring crops are used locally where possible
  • Fostering keeping livestock in the open air with organic feed
  • Prohibition on the use of genetically-modified (GM) foods

Amandín social commitment

We at Amandín believe in a better future for all and contribute to this by doing what we can in the community around us and working with the people in it.

  • Becas “Educar menjant” de la Fundació Jaume Casademont

Las becas Educar menjant (experiencias educativas en el mundo de la alimentación) de la Fundació Jaume Casademont tienen por objetivo promover los valores de una alimentación saludable en el marco de una gastronomía entendida como cultura y pretenden estimular todas aquellas iniciativas que se llevan a cabo en el ámbito educativo y lúdico de 0 a 16 años. Las becas se entregan a los proyectos innovadores que tienen lugar, ya sea dentro de la escuela o fuera, pero siempre en un entorno de desarrollo lúdico y educativo.

Amandín apoya el proyecto La manduca no caduca de l’Associació de Naturalistes de Girona cuyo objetivo es el de luchar contra el despilfarro de alimentos. Se trata de un proyecto de sensibilización de los alumnos de primaria, así como de sus familias, de las problemáticas sociales y ambientales derivadas del despilfarro alimentario.

  • Amandín backs the Food Bank

We sympathise with organisations like the Food Bank that work to improve the circumstances of many families in need. Their aim is to fight hunger, to stop edible but unsaleable foodstuffs being destroyed and finally to get them to the people who need them most in our most immediate surroundings.

Amandín regularly cooperates by donating product (tiger nut milk, stocks, vegetable drinks and so on) to Food Banks in different towns and cities in this country. We also support special campaigns such as the Gran Recapte dels Aliments [“Big Food Collection”].

With our contribution we hope to improve the circumstances of many families who find themselves in difficulties and would encourage everybody to do the same.

  • Amandín and the Homac foundation

The Homac foundation is a young, apolitical, secular and non profit-making organisation working to help different religious orders in Ethiopia, India and Madagascar. Its primary goal is to improve conditions for centres and people and in general pursue projects to make everyday life better for the worst-affected people and groups in these countries.

Amandín supports projects of this kind by making our small contribution to schemes that, with the help of us all, can become more and more effective.

  • Amandín con Afne:

Afne es la asociación de familias de niños y niñas de Etiopia. Su finalidad es dar apoyo a las familias que adoptan niños en los aspectos relacionados con la pos adopción. Además su labor en Etiopía con proyectos de cooperación orientados a la infancia y su mejoría en las condiciones de vida. Nuestra colaboración ya suma 3 años en los que les hemos apoyado la carrera que se realiza anualmente, que tiene como finalidad recaudar el máximo para poder cumplir con los objetivos y proyectos que tienen entre manos. Además, colaboramos en el concierto de góspel que también organizan de manera anual.

Apoyamos a la asociación con la donación de productos sin gluten.

  • Amandín backs athletes

In our determination to cooperate with the community around us, this year we have decided to support two highly positive initiatives. We like challenges, committed people who set out to surpass themselves every day. Sergi is a vegetarian athlete who constantly puts himself to the test together with his team,

Atletes Vegetarians Sense Límits (No Limits Vegetarian Athletes), a team made up of a total of 8 athletes able to surpass their own targets race after race.

Francisco Ríos is another example of excellence. He lives for triathlon and likes to put himself to the test constantly. He doesn’t know why he decided to devote himself to physical trials of this kind, but he does know that with every day that passes he is more certain of his decision.

You can now download the new, updated catalogue featuring our full range of products.