The word veganism has a simple and precise meaning and means “doctrine in which humans live without exploiting animals”. In other words, it is the practice of abstaining from eating products from animal origin . An ethic, a philosophy, a way of living .

Vegans follow a diet without products from animal origin: eggs, dairy products, meat, fish , seafood , or even honey . The difference between a vegan diet and a vegetarian diet is that the vegetarian diet eat products from animal origin, if not cause the death of the animal. Then the vegetarian diet can include foods like milk , yogurt , cheese or honey.

So the vegan seal guarantees that this is a product that does not contain ingredients or products from slaughtered animals. A quick and clear recognition based on recognized standards at European level.

A little bit of history …

Where and when the seal is born ?

The European Vegetarian Label was created by an Italian artist , Professor Bruno Nascimben and was presented for worldwide use in the congress of the EVU ( European Vegetarian Union) held in 1985 in Italy . Since then many vegan and vegetarian organizations have adopted it as a symbol . In fact, it is the most widely used worldwide.

The European Vegetarian Union ( European Vegetarian Union) is the umbrella organization for most vegetarian groups in Europe. Among its objectives it is to inform citizens and to easily identify either vegetarian products and vegetarian services.

So veganism is a lifestyle, a philosophy that is becoming more widespread and with more followers every day , which excludes all forms of exploitation and cruelty to the animal kingdom and includes a reverence for life.