Spanish traditional récipe

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In your fridge all year round

Old texts recount the legend that one day a young girl brought a sweet white drink to the court of the king of Aragon, James I. When he tasted it he asked, “Què és això?” (What’s this?) The young girl answered, “és llet de xufa” (It’s tiger nut milk), to which the king, amazed at the taste, replied, “això no és llet, això és or, xata!!” (This isn’t milk – it’s gold, dear!!), and this is said to be the origin of the name of this drink from the coast of the Valencia region of Spain.

No artificial flavor

Amandín Tiger Nut Horchata is ideal refreshment at any time of day, whether for breakfast or with a snack, or just a quick drink to cool off. It’s perfect for people who watch what they eat, and also for food allergy or intolerance sufferers, as it contains neither lactose nor gluten. So the best thing you can do is to keep some in your fridge all year round!

At the hottest time of year, enjoy it well chilled or even as a slushy. To make the slushy, first semi-freeze it and then whiz it up. In winter you can have it hot or cold, to go with coffee, cocoa shake, malt or cereals. You can also make desserts, cakes, shakes, ice creams and lots more with it.

More information about Tiger Nut Horchata

Fruit pudding with rice and Horchata

Fruit pudding is a really quick, simple and delicious dessert. And if you replace the milk with tiger nut Horchata it’s even more delicious.



In shops you can buy Horchata and tiger nut drink. Even though they are both made from tiger nuts, they are different…