In shops you can buy Horchata and tiger nut drink. Even though they are both made from tiger nuts, they are different. This is because the name Horchata is controlled by Technical Health Regulations (Royal Decree 1338/1988) and not all tiger nut products can use this name. So what does a tiger nut drink need before it can be called Horchata?

Amandin horchata tiger nut drink

These Regulations, specific to Horchata, govern, among other things, the production, ingredients, storage, packing and labeling, defining first of all what Horchata is.

According to the rules, Horchata is a milky foodstuff made mechanically from healthy, ripe Cyperus Sculentus L. tubers which are selected and cleaned, rehydrated, ground and extracted with drinking water, with or without the addition of sugar, sugars or mixtures thereof, with the color, aroma and flavor typical of the tuber from which it is made, with a minimum content of starch, fat and sugars as specified for each type of Horchata in the Regulations.


According to these Regulations, Horchata must contain the following ingredients: tiger nuts, drinking water and sugar. With regard to aromas, the only ones that can be used are cinnamon and/or lemon peel and essences or extracts thereof in accordance with current regulations. If the ingredients mentioned in the regulations are changed or added to, the result cannot be called Horchata.

This is the case with our Tiger Nut Drink with Agave Syrup. We have replaced the sugar with agave syrup, a sweetener of 100% natural origin made from the liquid sap of agave hearts.

More information about Tiger Nut Horchata

Tiger Nut Drink

Amandín Tiger Nut Horchata is ideal refreshment at any time of day, whether for breakfast or with a snack, or just a quick drink to cool off.


Fruit pudding with rice and Horchata

Fruit pudding is a really quick, simple and delicious dessert. And if you replace the milk with tiger nut Horchata it’s even more delicious. And you can make it with whatever fruit you fancy. This is Adriana’s version.