Our commitments

Natural & Organic

Nature offers us high quality, healthy foodstuffs. We’re grateful for this gift.

They may be just two words, but they say a great deal. Ever since Amandín was founded, it has been exclusively organic and strongly committed to natural products. Our aim is to guarantee and deliver healthy, non-transgenic products that are free from synthetic pesticides and artificial preservatives and colourings. In addition, organic farming actively contributes to supporting biodiversity, soil regeneration and pollution-free aquifers and rivers. Taking care of ourselves is also a way of caring for the environment. Making a commitment to the planet.

Towards the circular economy

Introducing new production methods

The circular economy is a very promising route to a more sustainable future. As a manufacturer, it encourages us to develop innovative projects that enable us to reuse the by-products we generate as much as possible, save energy and raw materials, and reduce CO2 emissions. For years, we have been giving a second useful life to the by-products of our beverages by sending them for use in animal feed, thus helping to reduce the need to use valuable legume crops in their diets. Today, with a view to the future, we are developing several projects, such as diverting the purified water from the manufacture of our plant-based drinks to growing different hydroponic crops.

Reducing the use of plastic

Without a doubt, this is a huge challenge for our sector and for society.

As an initial step, some time ago we made a commitment to follow the most eco-friendly standards with the Plant-Based Tetra Pak cartons we use for our drinks, stocks and Cuisine sauces. The next step, already underway, is to use 100% biodegradable materials for our Frutos del Sol range and its compostable bags. We are going to put an end to non-recyclable packaging in our catalogue. We continue to work towards this great challenge as technological advances improve. Find out more below.

Renewable energy

The sun is a natural energy source that we should take advantage of

We are lucky enough to be based in Riudoms, in the Mediterranean, where the sun is an inexhaustible source of energy. From the time we started planning our circular economy strategy, it was obvious that we had to join the organisations that are committed to renewable energies to curb climate change.