Being able to make a safety gluten-free diet starts with the product labeling. And many of us do not know that those who have been diagnosed with celiac disease need more time at the supermarket to make the purchase in an appropriate way. Everything would be easier if the food got a good label and there were none of those obstacles that often arise.

The logo you see on the Amandin gluten-free products like the Organic Tiger-nut beverage , organic stocks and organic creams, among others, is the official logo created by the Generalitat de Catalunya in collaboration with the Catalan Association of Celiacs, which aims to inform and warn consumers of foods that contain gluten.

Amandín signed an agreement of collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2008 for the improvement of food products labeling useful for people with celiac disease. Since then, the Amandin products which do not contain gluten or contain it in a proportion lower than 20 ppm, are properly labelled with the official logo.