Here at Amandín we always take care over where our ingredients come from, because we all know that to make good products we have to start off with the best raw materials. But we’re not just talking about quality; we also aim, in line with the philosophy that guides us, for them to be sustainable and environment-friendly.
That’s why we’ve changed one of our ingredients. Now our cocoa is UTZ. So what does that mean? It’s a scheme for sustainable coffee, tea and cocoa. This programme enables farmers to boost their productivity, quality and efficiency, while placing two factors at the centre of the process: people and the environment.

Because just as we hope for respect from others, it’s our job to give it.

We know everybody’s crazy about cereal drinks with cocoa, especially kids. It’s our responsibility to show the smallest members of the family how important sustainability and ethical consumption are.

In 2017 we made some changes – very important ones to us – so as to share with you our efforts to improve and do our bit.

As you all know, we take part in projects on a voluntary basis, though some people may not be aware of this because we don’t go on about it. But this is our philosophy and it’s very important to us.

If you’d like to find out more about this programme you can find complete information via this link. You’re sure to love it.