For some people, spring is a time to “start moving”, to awaken vitality, encouragement and more joy. For others, it is a time of discomfort, allergies, colds, low defenses and depression. Spring is all that together, an important change of cycle for which we have to prepare ourselves in the best possible way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine gives us good clues of what happens in this time and what we can do to achieve a balance. In fact it has a classification for all seasons and its relationship with emotions, flavors, organs and colors. It classifies them into 5 elements according to their natural cycles: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If we align ourselves with the station that touches and its energies, we can initiate a change of time with health and vitality.

So, in the spring he grants:


  • The wood element.


  • The green color: means that all foods of that color benefit the organs of its same element.


  • The liver and the gall bladder like outstanding organs: they are those that will work more in this station reason why it is about supplying them with energy choosing the foods that more favor to him.
    Likewise, the predominant emotions are related to these organs. Trying one will repair the other.


  • The acid flavors: they are those that more benefits will contribute to the outstanding organs.


  • Anger and irritability as predominant emotions: taking care of the associated organs we can improve the emotional states.


Even from naturism we could look at it under the same magnifying glass, we have always related to the liver with anger, frustration, depression and energy blockage. A weakened gallbladder means difficulty in making decisions.

That acid and bitter flavors are also friends of the liver is well known, they refresh and revitalize this organ. And the same will be said of green foods that clean, purify and help eliminate toxins accumulated in the winter.

The diet of this time will then be focused on all these concepts to get rid of all the tension, irritability and “bad rolls”, and get relax the muscles, promote a good rest, eliminate toxins and overweight, and have greater clarity mental.

For example, we can start the day by drinking fasting the juice of half a lemon diluted in a glass of warm water, include acidic fruits such as oranges or grapefruit and kiwis at breakfast, and take a juice or a green smoothie at some point in the morning. .

At mealtime, start with a cup of artichoke and black radish purifying broth with a little lemon juice and do not miss an abundant green salad flavored with sesame oil and rice vinegar, cider or umeboshi.

In the afternoon, take advantage of the strawberry season and drink them alone or in a shake with vegetable drink.

At night you can use soups and creams of vegetables, especially with leeks, celery, onions, chard and parsley.

Other good foods are sauerkraut, radishes, Granny apples, arugula, watercress, tomatoes and asparagus. Between hours the infusions will always be a good support: dandelion, milk thistle, hibiscus, green nettle and orthosiphon.

This doesn’t mean that we should eat only this type of food but that we have to make them a privileged place and incorporate them daily in our meals. Above all we must keep in mind that little by little the dishes have to be lighter and lighter, we will leave behind the more concentrated we needed in winter.

People who have histaminosis problem should take more precautions and avoid some foods that we are mentioning as favorable, for example citrus fruits, Swiss chard and spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwis, pineapple … Including these foods can worsen their condition. Cured cheeses, cereal with gluten, nuts and peanuts, soybeans, potatoes, tomatoes, sausages, blue fish, chocolate and wine, among others, must also be avoided.

In general, it is a good time to take advantage of and make an organic cleansing, do meditation exercises and / or yoga, do nasal washes, colon cleansing, tongue cleaning and if possible lymphatic drainage to help eliminate toxins.

Finally, we can not forget to strengthen our immune system by repopulating the intestinal flora and feeding the beneficial bacteria with probiotics and prebiotics.


Author: Adriana Ortemberg.